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Youth Testimonials

We grow teens' connection to the natural world, nourish their passions, and empower them to advocate for a sustainable future for themselves and their communities as we seed our way toward food sovereignty.


“Agriculture industry exploits the work of many BIPOC people, and to be a person of color learning to take back this practice in an informative and autonomous way shaped my relationship with myself, my identity, and the world around me.”- Kim, previous BTF Fellow

“I had the privilege to learn amongst the Black Thumb Farm team, how not to be afraid. I was encouraged by smart and powerful-minded women , to do even more than I would have ever believed was possible. I learned about the importance of networking, and being aware of societal issues going on in present times. I even learned how to open a credit card responsibly. Knowledge that I never would have received at that age is something I will forever be grateful for.”- Yesenia, previous BTF Fellow


“[Black Thumb Farm] was a place that helped me escape my usual routine and was always fun to see y’all every weekend. Taught me skills I still use and made new friends and mentors. It was something that I looked forward to during the school week.”- Anthony, BTF alumni

“The memories [at Black Thumb Farm] are some of he best I have had and became one of my safe places; I can proudly say that the farm encourages everyone to build beyond their curiosity.”- Yazmin, BTF alumni

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