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Our Urban Farm

BIPOC-centered farming practices are the foundation of our farm. We implement and educate on closed-loop practices that are beneficial for our local ecosystem, for people, and for the earth at large. Some have deemed these practices as "regenerative", but we believe in crediting our indigenous ancestors with these brilliant farming ways. 


Thinking Long-Term

We focus on long-term soil health, so we can improve the soil for ourselves but also for generations to come. This means composting for nutrient-rich soil, cover cropping, and mulching during the warm seasons(for moisture retention). We also practice the no- till method by building on top of our soils instead of tilling them, which releases carbon and disturbs fungi, bacteria, and invertebrate keeping our soil alive!

Feeding Our Community

85% of the crops we grow are culturally relevant to our youth and their families. During our programming year, all of the food grown on the farm is harvested and taken home by our program participants. We prioritize growing culturally relevant crops so the food grown can be used and eaten, limiting waste and prioritizing our people's heritage and culture. 

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