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Welcome to Black Thumb Farm!

At Black Thumb Farm, we provide BIPOC youth with leadership skills, mentorship, and healthy, quality produce through hands-on training and experience in farming and gardening. We grow teens' connection to the natural world, nourish their passions, and empower them to advocate for a sustainable future for themselves and their communities as we seed our way toward food sovereignty.


Black Thumb Farm will always be a space where we imagine a future of food sovereignty and work toward that future through hands-on training and experience, all while providing our communities with access to healthy, quality produce. Food is grown sustainably and with an eye on long-term soil health so that our communities may have access to healthy soil for generations to come. The young people that join the Black Thumb Farm community are equipped with the skills, tools, and resources they need in order to combat food apartheid and take back their health. BIPOC communities are often the hardest hit when it comes to food access, especially in the San Fernando Valley and greater L.A. areas. We are intentional and intersectional in our fight against the injustices in our community, knowing that food apartheid is just one part in a system created to oppress marginalized communities. 

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