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Our Programs

Black Thumb Farm is a space to teach children and young adults to fight for food sovereignty through hands-on training and experience, all while providing our communities with access to healthy, quality produce. Food is grown sustainably and with an eye on long-term soil health so that our communities may have access to healthy soil for generations to come. We are intentional and intersectional in our fight against the injustices in our community, knowing that food injustice is just one part of a system created to oppress marginalized communities.

Black thumb Farm Hands

Black Thumb Farm Hands

Designed for young people 14 to 18 years of age, our Farm Hands are introduced to farming and gardening education that teaches the histories of traditional farming practices, crediting the sources, most of which are Indigenous, Afro-centric, and Asian. They work the land alongside our team and Lead  Educator to practice and continue these closed circle processes. We also have guest teachers come share expertise with us, including how to run small food-oriented businesses, growing unique and indigenous varieties of crops, cooking and food preparation, and more.


Black Thumb Farm Fellowship

Our Fellowship, for ages 17 - 22, gives young people experience with nonprofit management and a chance to develop their communication and outreach skills while they also attend Farm Hands training in order to be immersed in the land. 
Fellows are asked to support the Black Thumb Farm Team with administrative tasks, communicate with the communities we serve through social media and in-person workshops, and to take on individual projects of their choosing that will benefit the Black Thumb Farm community while developing a passion of their own. Check out the full application and position description below. 

Applications Closed for 22-23


Neighborhood Nourishments

Donation-based, weekend workshops that are open to the community and meant to nourish all that attend, mind, body, and soul. Topics ranging from gardening tips to yoga, nutrition, cooking, and more are covered. We aim to give everyone that enters our space a grounding experience rooted in the Earth and community knowledge. Our workshops are led by team members, BTF Fellows, and guest speakers.

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