Our Programs

Black Thumb Farm is a space to teach children and young adults to fight food injustice through hands-on training and experience, all while providing our communities with access to healthy, quality produce. Food is grown sustainably and with an eye on long-term soil health so that our communities may have access to healthy soil for generations to come. The young people that join the Black Thumb Farm community will be equipped with the skills, tools, and resources they need in order to combat food injustice and take back their health. We are intentional and intersectional in our fight against the injustices in our community, knowing that food injustice is just one part of a system created to oppress marginalized communities.

We offer programming for

youth ages 14-21


Black thumb Farm Hands

Youth come to our space to learn to farm and garden in ways that benefit people as well as the natural environment. We teach the histories of traditional farming practices and work the land to continue these closed circle processes. We also have guest teachers come share expertise with us, including how to run small food-oriented businesses, growing unique and indigenous varieties of crops, cooking and food preparation, and more.

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Our young people are acquiring real-life skill sets to prepare them for success. They work closely with our admin team to learn about nonprofit management, engaging with the communities we serve, food distribution, and more. We believe in empowering them with tools, skills, and experience, and we believe in paying them for their time.

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Weekend workshops offer donation-based classes that are open to the community. We discuss wellness topics from gardening tips to yoga, nutrition, cooking, and more. These workshops are led by BTF fellows, employees, and guest speakers.